Mosaic’s Advocacy Service

Providing individual independent advocacy to people with physical and sensory impairments in the City and the County; also to people with learning disabilities in the County and Rutland

Self Advocacy in Action

Self Advocacy in Action is an organisation by people with learning difficulties for people with learning difficulties. We work together to help each other and others speak out.

Mosaic’s Information Service

Aims to provide up to date information and advice on any topics relating to disability through a helpline (0116 2314425) and fact sheets.

Outreach workers visit disabled people in the own homes to help with benefit claims. We now offer support to challenge benefit decisions at tribunal level.

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Training - Advocacy Qualifications

Learn4Change is a learning centre that provides learning opportunities and qualifications. It is a partnership between Just Services and mosaic: shaping disability services (mosaic).

Advocacy Information Service

Just Services and mosaic: shaping disability services ran this service for older people and their families from August 2007 – June 2011

Other Services for You

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